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April 3rd, 2016 by dianna

This site was originally created by Pat’s youngest daughter, Dianna, in an effort to keep her fathers work alive. She continues to research, archive, and document information about Pat’s life and is publishing what she discovers onto this site. Its purpose is twofold:

1. to spread the work of Pat Mullins. His talks, articles and stories which are available here in pdf and mp3 formats.

2. to raise awareness and be the primary site for the scholarship created in Beverly Mullins name after her death. The Beverly Mullins Memorial Scholarship was created to help single re-entry parents at UC Berkeley trying to earn their undergraduate degree.

Take a look around, we have pictures, stories, talks and articles about Pat Mullins and information about Beverly Mullins and the scholarship. In 2008 our good friend Cris Mitchell took over 100 of my fathers talks, originally recorded on audio tapes from 1980-2000 and put them in digital format and cleaned up the quality of the audios. We owe him so much for doing that labor of love and want to acknowledge him here. Those talks are also on this site and available via mp3 format in the Life Work of Pat Mullins series.

Be loved, -dianna

* originally published July 23, 2007. Updated in 2016.

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