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UC Berkeley Scholarship: The Beverly Mullins Memorial Scholarship
The UC Berkeley California Re-entry Alumni Chapter and the Mullins family have come together to create a needs-based scholarship for Single parent re-entry students, doing full-time study at UC Berkeley. The Beverly Mullins Memorial Scholarship is in memory of Beverly Mullins, a 1998 Graduate from the Department of Sociology.

Beverly attended UC Berkeley as a single mother with no outside financial support. She was challenged to focus on both her studies and the responsibility of raising her son, Jacob. Today, Jacob is a graduate of Yale University, a testament to Beverly’s love, focus and determination to create, for him, a better life. The goal of the Beverly Mullins Memorial Scholarship is to help other single parents also achieve success for themselves and their families.

Up to $5,000 will be awarded to a selected student each academic year.

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship please contact Dianna Mullins at dianna@lafpdl.com with a subject line: The Beverly Mullins Scholarship Application. The application form is also available on this site.

Beverly Jo Mullins
Beverly, class of 98′(1957-2000) was a single mother who attended UC Berkeley as a Re-entry student from 1993-1998. During her time at Berkeley she played an active role in the Re-entry Program as a work-study member of staff and was nominated Vice-President of the Re-entry Alumni Association. In her later years at Berkeley she became a staff member at the Haas School of Business.

For many transferring re-entry students, Beverly was the first welcoming smile they experienced on the Berkeley campus. Her warmth and caring became a symbol of the Program and a testament to how many people she touched during her time at UC. Encouraging, mentoring, and counseling re-entry students, Beverly was able to connect on a personal level. As a single mother with no outside financial support, Beverly had also experienced the struggles of trying to stay focused on her education, and her part-time work while raising a family. For Beverly, the added challenge was to do it all alone!

For Beverly, it was critical that her son see the value of a good education and chose the greatest challenge of all, to show him by example! In May 1998, Beverly graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sociology, with honors after 16 years of trying to attain that degree.

Two years after her graduation Beverly was diagnosed with a brain tumor and, after a 6 month struggle, passed away peacefully in her sisters home.

Just three weeks after her death Beverly accomplished the greatest goal she had ever set; her son Jacob was accepted into many of the top universities in the nation, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Brown and Yale. In May 2005 Jacob Vincent Ortiz Mullins graduated from Yale University with a degree in International Relations. While a sophmore at Yale, Jacob and his friend Kedric Van de Carr started a business venture related to exporting Hoodia Gordonii from South Africa. That company is called Hoodia Products International and can be found at www.hoodiaproducts.com. Jacob now works at Microsoft Corporation in San Francisco, California.

Scholarship Background
The History of the Beverly Mullins Memorial Scholarship along with information related to the members on the selection committee are also available on this site.

How to Apply

All single parents, who are re-entry students (26 or older) with full-time student status at UC Berkeley, are eligible to apply for this scholarship. This is a need-based scholarship
(the recipient must be qualified for and be receiving financial aid).

Selection Process
1. Eligible students must submit a completed application form with all
required data referenced on the application.

2. Applications will be reviewed once a year — during spring semester.

Spring Deadline: Postmarked no later than April 25, 2011

3. Selections will be made by members of the Mullins family committee and supported by the Re-entry Staff at UC Berkeley.

For more information
Contact Dianna Mullins at dianna@lafpdl.com

Pick up application at:

  • Download at the site.
  • Go to the Transfer Re-entry and Student Parent Center and ask for Alice Jordan. The center is located at 100 Cesar Chavez Student Center on the UC Berkeley campus across from Zellerbach Hall.