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Pat’s Work, is a selection of talks, articles and videos by Pat Mullins over a period of 20 years highlighting essentials needed to live a life totally dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Another section is related to the UC Berkeley single-parent scholarship created 6 years ago and given to over 10 women to-date named the Beverly Mullins Memorial Scholarship.

The website name, LAFPDL is an acronym for a motto Pat often shared with others, so they too could learn, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to love and to be loved.

L.A.F.P.D.L Definition




Pray for

Do good for

Love with Agape Love.

The Work of Pat Mullins We have over 140 talks available for immediate download, 100 articles in pdf format and a video of praise and worship.His life work serves as a guideline for the dedicated Christian to live this life from the initial call to the gifts needed to live a victorious life. The call of discipleship was of vital importance to Pat. He knew how critical it was to die to receive life, for it is through egocentricity?s death, (the dying of ego) that freedom is obtained. Christ lives not I, was the message and this is done when the love of Christ, agape love, is manifested in our life towards our brothers and sisters. Pat realized that by ourselves we cannot do it, but with the help of the Holy Spirit as our teacher, our advocate and helper, we can do all things in Christ in order to have Jesus live in and through us. This is the freedom found in Christ, equipping us to walk a truly victorious life.

I hope you enjoy the site. -dianna