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Prayer of Abandonment to God
The following prayers were used by Pat every day as a tool to remind him to be obedient to God.Morning Prayer: Father, I thank you and praise you. I worship and glorify you for your great love and for your power at work in my life. Father, I will your will, I choose your choice. And I choose to desire only you. I choose not to desire anything, or anyone, but you.

Father, I know I could never accomplish this unless your Holy Spirit does it all. And therefore with all that I know and understand, with all my heart and soul, I abandon myself to you great and mighty Holy Spirit. My prayer is that You will glorify the Father and glorify Jesus through your working in this earthen vessel today.

So Satan I bind you and break your power over me in Jesus’ name. And all the forces and powers of the air, water, ground, and underground and any spirit not of the Holy Spirit, I bind you in Jesus’ name and I cast you away from me. I bar you from any interference in the ministry of the Holy Spirit in my life.

I thank you, Father, that you who inspired this prayer will complete it in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Throughout the day, as situations come up: Holy Spirit I can see these desires getting stronger. You need to conquer them. I choose only God. I desire only God. Now, Holy Spirit; conquer these other desires. I reject them in Jesus’ name. Now show me what the Father wants, if anything, and I will confirm it.

Bedtime Prayer: Father I thank you for this day. And I thank you Holy Spirit for your faithful ministry. I trust that through this day you were able to do whatever glorified God and in this earthen vessel you are satisfied. So now I give you this day and all that happened in it is yours. It belongs to you and I will never look back unless you draw me back. I enter this time of rest that you may refresh this body, this soul and this spirit that I may rise tomorrow to serve you again with all my heart. Amen.