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LAFPDL: The meaning behind the name (LAFPDL Poster)

???One acronym that I will never forget is LAFPDL. It was on Grandpa???s license plate, it was his email address, but mostly it was the motto by which he lived. The L stands for Love, the A for Acceptance, the F for Forgiveness, the P for ???Pray for??? the D is for ???Do good for,??? and the last L is again for Love. That is the most perfect acronym to describe him, he did everything out of love.???
- Jacob Mullins (Grandson)

Pat wrote the following description of LAFPDL:
???The letters are from six scriptures the Lord spoke to my heart that are His process of the Holy Spirit revealing jesus in us - to us - and through us- to bring us to an AGAPE love in any / all / relationships. (I use a New English Bible)???

L = Love the command only He can fulfill; how do you do this Lord? What is the love you command of us? hear and do what I tell you by the power of the Holy Spirit. - John 14:34 & 2 John 6 & 1 John 5:1-3

A = Accept in the same way as Christ accepted us we must choose to accept each other. - Romans 15:7

F = Forgive unconditionally as you have been forgiven, and refuse to remember the offence against you. - Matthew 6:14-15 & Hebrews 10:17 & 1 Cor 13:6

P = Pray for those who presecute you pray for them and love them with my love by hearing and obeying Me. - Matthew 5:44

D = Do good to the people who are your persecutors & love them by hearing and obeying Me. - Luke 6:35

and the Lord said and if you will faithfully hear and do these things in the power of My Spirit you will experience the love I speak of:

L = Love as I love you (Agape Love) - 1 Cor 13 & John 14:15



?? “From out of the heart of our Father’s love (heart)
?? From the beginning to the end of time (Alpha & Omega)
?? God has desired a family to love and receive love in return.
?? God spoke His Word (double-edged sword)
?? And humanity was created.
?? The written word (Bible)
?? and the spoken Word (Sword)
?? are one reality of god.
?? God had made a covenant with His man, (rainbow)
?? and it was broken in the Garden,
?? But through the Cross of Jesus Christ (in the midst of the rainbow)
?? God’s original plan of fellowship resumes in victory.
?? Jesus finished His work of redemption and ascends to His rest
?? And the Holy Spirit (in the midst of the rainbow)
?? Assumes the responsibiliity of completing the Father’s plan,
?? Revealing god, in Jesus of Nazareth, as the savior of the world.
?? Finally, all that god had spoken in the covenant with man is brought to a conclusion when
?? all in the created universe must bend it’s knee and confess that by God’s doing,
?? JESUS IS LORD! (banner)
?? The entire drama is set on a shield the symbol of faith (background outline)
?? which is the symbol of our decision to believe God’s Word,
?? And because we believe, we let our lives be guided by these facts,
?? and belief with action is Faith.
?? “In Christ, God chose us before the world was founded, to be dedicated, to be without blemish in His sight, to be full of love.” [NEB]