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January 20th, 2009 by dianna

I walked into the Queer Cafe on Main Street and found a great discussion happening upstairs with the cast and crew of La Mission. La Mission is a film dealing with homophobia in minority communities.

La Mission - Sundance Film Festival

La Mission - Sundance Film Festival

Directed and written by Peter Bratt and staring his brother Benjamin Bratt along with Erika Alexander, Jeremy Ray Valdez and Jesse BorregoI. Benjamin was sharing how difficult it was to get any funding for the film even with his connections - the reason given was, “this film has already been done.” The reality is that once a gay film has been done by mainstream white america, its difficult to get funding for other projects. Peter Bratt is focusing his film making on raising awareness about stories told with people of color as the primary characters.

The film premiered Monday, January 19. I hope to see the film tomorrow.

3 Responses to “La Mission - Sundance09 Discussion w/Cast & Crew”

  1. where was the movie filmed?

  2. It was filmed in your old neighborhood, the mission in SF. Peter and Benjamin Bratt are from San Francisco.

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